Stephenson´s experience extends to every reinforced concrete frame solution available. Along with the use and development of formwork and falsework systems, Stephenson continue to look into the whole reinforced concrete frame concept. The company is actively involved through ‘Construct’ in the promotion of economic and fast track design and construction techniques which include the incorporation of precast and steel elements. The ‘Hybrid’ reinforced concrete structure is developing further and Stephenson remains actively involved through R&D with its innovation and future capabilities.

RC Frame Sectors


Stephenson have worked on some of the most prestigious projects in the country and was the first contractor in the country to use these methods of construction/systems below.

Outinord Room Forms / Tunnelforms - Ibis Hotel, Euston
Indumat Hydraulic Tables - Friary Town Centre Development, Guildford
Peri Climbing Wall Form System - City Of London
Doka Jumpform Walls System - GLA Building, London
Cordek Trough & Void Formers - Throughout the UK
Ischedeck Climbtrac Jumpform System - Kingston Quay, Glasgow
Recycled Plastic Scaffold Board Systems - Uniq Supadek
Halfen Cold Bridging Detail to Precast Balconies - Festival Park , Glasgow
Achieved Longest Span P.T. Slab Used in Commercial Building - Bristol
Cobiax Precast Slab Construction - Tesco, Orpington
Self-Compacting Concrete in a Complete Concrete Structure - Leeds

RC Frame Brochure

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